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Criminal Records

Check Anyone's Criminal Records

Track down criminals with a free online search!

Enter an address, name, phone number or date of birth to do a thorough criminal records check on any American citizen with Our system searches through dozens of publicly available databases across the country, which means you don't have to search every county and state one by one. That way, you can be sure you have all the relevant information about the person in question.

Do a criminal records check before going on a date, meeting a new neighbor, before signing a contract or before getting married (or letting a family member marry someone). It's easy, quick, and more affordable than a private investigator. has access to records all over the country, which means that all the information you need is at your fingertips.

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With so many people trying to take advantage of our trust and goodwill, it's important to "trust but verify." That's why you should always do a thorough criminal background check before getting involved, financially or personally, with a person you don't really know. Of course, nothing replaces daily interaction, but it's good to do a background check, just in case. That way, there are no surprises down the road.

A criminal records check with will help you make the right decision, financial or personal. It's important to ensure the safety of your business, assets, and family. A criminal records search can help you do just that. Maybe you have a new neighbor, and you want to make sure they are not a sex offender or violent criminal. Maybe that applicant for your job opening is just a little too perfect. No matter the reason, searching publicly available databases via will give you peace of mind.


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Why do a criminal records check?

People have all sorts of reasons to do a criminal records check. Maybe your new neighbor gives you bad vibes and you want to make sure you aren't being paranoid. Maybe you want to know if grandma's new boyfriend is a fraudster who's after her money. can help you find out more about:

It can feel overwhelming to look up a person on all the different databases, separately. But looks them all up for you, all at once. All you need is a simple piece of information: a name, a date of birth, an address or a phone number. Log in, enter that information, and let us sort through relevant records to give you the information you need to make the right decision.

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Need to find an address for someone? Curious about where they’ve been? We can help.

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Receiving calls from a number you don’t know? Look it up with our search feature.

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Has a lost relative tried to reconnect? See what they’ve been up to.

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There could be a fortune out there with your name on it.

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The quickest and easiest way to research basic background info.

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Find everything there is to know about millions of people in the U.S.

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