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When you use, you can search for any address in the United States. Access billions of property records with our incredible database of public records. Our service goes through hundreds of millions of public records to find the info that you need. You can look up anyone in the country, and you don’t even have to have a name! All you need to know is where someone lives.

With an address, you can do an enormous amount of research on anyone, anywhere in the country. This can include learning phone numbers, email addresses, relatives, and more. You can also access financial and criminal records. This can be invaluable information for you in your search, and it can prove helpful in more scenarios than you might think.

Discover all kinds of data with just an address. The following is just some of what you can learn.

Would you like to know more about your new neighbors? You don’t have to know their names to access their public records. You can get started on a background check using only an address. Find out if any of your neighbors have criminal records. For all you know, there could be sex offenders living next door. Don’t leave it to chance. Know who’s in your neighborhood with

Maybe you'd like to know more about the previous owners of a home you’re thinking of buying. You can look up property records to see when they purchased the house and how much it was worth. That way, you can know if you’re getting a fair price. Users can also determine if a previous owner went bankrupt. You can even find out if someone was evicted from the home. This could be particularly valuable for someone considering a roommate. You don’t want to let just anyone move in. Especially if they’ve been kicked out of previous residences. Know their history by performing a background check using their address.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a phone number for a business. Often, online businesses may provide only an email address, but they usually have a mailing address, too. With an address, you can look up phone numbers for both businesses and private records.


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You may wonder why you would need to perform an address search. The truth is that an address search can be very useful. There’s a lot of information that you may be interested in knowing. This can include the following:

Are you considering working with a new business? With our service, you can use their address to see if they’ve ever had to file for bankruptcy. You can also access tax liens and other helpful info. Don’t go into business without knowing who you’re dealing with. Look them up using

Use our site to search for people in your area today. Whether it’s a simple verification or an extensive background check, we can help. Log in to to learn more about the data we can provide you.

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