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Marriage & Divorce Records

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Trying to learn more about when, how, or where a friend or relative was married or divorced? You can find all kinds of marriage and divorce records when you take advantage of a free online search using Our database has records for hundreds of millions of currently and previously married couples in the U.S. It doesn't matter if the marriage took place in the past or if it was one one that occurred recently, get all the details you need with our site.

Free Marriage & Divorce Records

Our database has records for millions of people in the U.S., including those who have been divorced. No matter if you want to know when a divorce took place, learn more about the people involved, or want to know how long the marriage leading up to it lasted, our data can help shed light on every aspect.

See If Someone Tied the Knot

Curious about what happened to an old high school sweetheart? The database makes it easy to learn who married who and who got divorced. Just enter a name or piece of contact information, and we'll pull from our extensive records to inform you whether or not someone got married or divorced.

Discover a Maiden Name

Trying to learn what someone's maiden name was from before they were married? With our records, it's easy to find what anyone's name was before a wedding and what it was changed to afterward.

Get Data For Your Family Tree

If you're trying to build out your family tree, having marriage and divorce records is essential to painting a fuller picture of your family. With our records that date back decades, we can give you a clear understanding of the complete context of your family tree.


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Uses for Marriage & Divorce Records

Direct access to millions of records

You can learn a lot about people by looking at marriage and divorce records. Marriage and divorce records provide a good look into an important part of life for many adults in the U.S. By looking through these records you can learn the date of the marriage or divorce, how long the marriage lasted, where they were married, and much more. Whatever you're looking for concerning marriage and divorce, you can find it through the free online search at

Find Information On Both Parties

If you want to know more about who was involved in a particular marriage or divorce, our data can easily point you toward both parties involved so that you can have a clearer picture on their history before, during, and after their marriage.

Marriage & Divorce Dates

Marriage & Divorce Dates To easily view most dates of marriages and divorces in the U.S., check out our records containing details such as when a marriage began and when it ended.

Marriage & Divorce County

Need to view the county where a marriage or divorce took place in? Our database has records of marriages and divorces in every state broken down by county so you can find it fast.

Marriage & Divorce Certificate Numbers

If you need to reference the marriage or divorce certificate number for a divorce that occurred at some point in the past, make it simple using our database. Our records include marriage and divorce certificate numbers for millions of people across the country. Plus, it goes back decades, so you won't have to worry about records only being recent.

Full Name Of Petitioner

Our divorce records contain details for both parties, including which one initiated the divorce to begin with. That can help clue you in on what might have gone wrong, and give you a sense of who made the decision.

Full Name of Respondent

On the other hand, if you're wondering who a divorce letter was issued to, its no problem to look up the full name of the recipient. All we need is a piece of relevant contact information, and we'll fill you in.

Current and Previous Addresses

Need to find an address for someone? Curious about where they’ve been? We can help.

Phone Numbers

Receiving calls from a number you don’t know? Look it up with our search feature.

Relatives and Associates

Has a lost relative tried to reconnect? See what they’ve been up to.

Criminal Records

Worried about a potential criminal record? Find out about felonies and more.

Background Information

The quickest and easiest way to research basic background info.

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