Reconnect with Your
Military Buddies and More

Reconnect with Your Military Buddies And More

Find your army buddies and other service members by using a free online search.

There are few bonds as strong as those developed between members of the armed forces. Whether your friendships were formed in combat, on deployment, or in the reserves, there's no family quite like the military service. Have you lost touch with your military buddies over the years? Track down your friends from your time in the service using an online background check.

With access to millions of public records, AdvancedBackgroundChecks can find the people you're looking for, whether you served together in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, or even World War II. Your free online background check can also look through internment records to help you find friends or family you might have been separated from during the war. Learn more about what you can discover using

Uses for Military Records

See How Long Someone Was Enlisted

Want to know more about how a veteran got enlisted and how long they were enlisted for? Our records shed a light on millions of veteran enlistment details to give you the full picture of their service within the military

Learn About Military Ancestors

Do have a relative who served in the armed forces? Our database can help shed some light on what was going on in their life during the time the war was taking place. That can help give you a snapshot into an important piece of your family history.

Find Information About Veterans

Because our database spans more than 2 billion records, we can give you unique insight into the lives most veterans led, including where they lived, what they did for a living, and who their immediate family was.

Build Your Family Tree

With our extensive database, we also make it easy to view connections between family members over time. That way, it's easy to see the entire immediate family of any veteran or even any of your relatives who have served in a war. That makes it simple to put together your own family tree, giving you a clear picture of where you come from and giving you a stronger sense of family identity.

Proof of Internment

For proof of internment, can help. We have records which include proof of internment for many who were placed in it during this troubling time period. All it takes is one search, and you'll easily be able to view proof of internment on one of more than 100,000 people previously kept in internment.

See If a Veteran Had Dependents

Curious about a veteran's dependents? Our database makes it easy to learn more about families of armed service members. This includes details on where they were and what they were doing then and now.


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Free Military Records Data and More

Our database of more than 2 billion people includes records of all sorts for military service members and those who were relocated to internment camps. With just a name, we can help you track down everything you need to learn about family members or friends in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and more.

Current and Previous Addresses

Need to find an address for someone? Curious about where they’ve been? We can help.

Phone Numbers

Receiving calls from a number you don’t know? Look it up with our search feature.

Criminal Records

Worried about a potential criminal record? Find out about felonies and more.

Marriage and Divorce Records

Back on the dating scene? Look through marriage and divorce records first.

Background Information

The quickest and easiest way to research basic background info.

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