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Have you been getting calls from a phone number you don't recognize? Don't waste your time trying to "star 69" them. Find out who the caller is by using a reverse phone lookup on instead. Our database has access to billions of public records. Search for a person with a phone number lookup, and we will provide you with plenty of information about the owner, including their name, address, and much more.

It's amazing the amount of information you can find with a phone number lookup. This is just some of what you can do with this kind of data:

Get owners name & address

Find out their full name and address with just their phone number.

Find out who called you

Unsure who called? Curious about a wrong number? Find out who rang.

See Previous Owners of Any Number

Want to know who might have had your number before? Only have someone's old number? Use it to look them up.

Identify Unknown Phone Numbers

Are you receiving calls from unknown numbers? Discover who's calling you.

Property Records

With a phone number search, you can look up public property records.

Find Their Name

Learn the name of the person calling you with a reverse phone lookup.

Are you being harassed on the phone by an unknown caller? Do you find yourself feeling like there’s nothing you can do about it? With, you can hold prank callers accountable. Find out who they are with a reverse phone lookup. We can show you their name, address, and even their relatives.

With a phone number lookup, you can find out if a person has a criminal record. You can also see if there are any known aliases (or AKAs) someone might have used in the past. And you can identify any current or previous addresses used by the caller. Don’t risk taking calls from potentially dangerous strangers. With a reverse phone lookup, you can determine who a caller is before responding.

Did you take down someone’s number only to forget their name? Don’t be embarrassed. Be smart. As long as you still have the number, you can find the person’s name quickly and easily with a reverse phone lookup at


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Direct access to billions of records

There are many incentives for using a phone number to perform a background check on its owner. A phone number lookup can provide you access to all kinds of data, including:


Learn the identity of the person calling you.

Address History

Find out someone's past and present addresses.

Phone Numbers

Gather any alternate phone numbers, past and present.

Email Addresses

Access any available email addresses.

Property Records

Look up public property records to find out appraisal values and dates of sale.


See if a person has been evicted from a residence in the past.


Has a person had to file bankruptcy? We can fill you in.

Criminal Records

Know if someone has any misdemeanors or felonies on their criminal record.

Professional Licenses

Has someone called claiming to be a professional? See if they really hold a license.

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Perform a phone number lookup quickly and safely using our database, which contains billions of public records. Find who you're looking for instantly, with the click of a button.

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