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Employment Screening
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What are employment
background checks?
A background check is a legal investigation into an individual's past. When screening an individual for hiring purposes, it is illegal for your business to simply run a check for the job candidate on the Internet.

Instead, employers must implement FCRA compliant screening protocols to make sure all safety and regulatory liabilities are addressed while protecting the new employee from privacy breaches and discrimination. Negligent hiring cases have been known to cost companies an average of $1 million.
What is FCRA?
And why is it important?
The Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA, along with the other laws such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Ban-the-Box are responsible for setting legal guidelines for companies looking to run background checks on their employees.

To protect the privacy of job applicants and employees, these laws limit the amount of sensitive personal information HR managers are allowed to access when making hiring decisions. Businesses who decide to screen employees are legally obligated to only use credit reporting agencies that are certified as FCRA-compliant.
Why does my business need background checking?
Did you know that 53% of job applications submitted by candidates to hiring managers contain at least one inaccuracy? Furthermore, companies have lost more than 79% of negligent hiring cases, with instances where employers lost up to $40 million.

Background checks allow employers to confirm that a job applicant is being truthful about their experience and are qualified for the position. Companies that do not run background checks risk potential legal liabilities and other safety issues.
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