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When you use Advanced Background Checks, you can search for any residential or business address in the United States. Start a search to access the power of billions of public records available in our database. Our service goes through them all to help you find the info that you need. You can look up just about anyone in the country, and you don’t even have to have a name! All you need to know is where someone lives.

With an address, you can find out a lot about pretty much anyone, anywhere in the country. This can include learning phone numbers, email addresses, relatives, and more. This can be invaluable information for you in your search, and it can prove helpful in more scenarios than you might think.

Discover all kinds of data with just an address. The following is just some of what you can learn:


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Why An Address Search?

You may wonder why you would need to perform an address search. The truth is that an address search can be very useful. There’s a lot of information that you may be interested in knowing. Simply enter an address into the search fields above to learn more about:

Family Members

Look for a long-lost relative, starting with a search of their old address.

Old Classmates

See what happened to old classmates and where they are now.


Find out where a friend used to live by searching their current address.

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