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Don’t wait to find what you need to know. Start your free search today. Our service is host to hundreds of millions of U.S. records. can provide all kinds of contact info and more. Look for property records, contact info, addresses, and family relatives. Our service is the quickest and safest way to learn about your community. Do you know what the people around you have been up to? Discover court cases, contact info, census records, and a plenty of other data. And it’s all FREE! Dig up dirt on anyone with

Family Members

Locate extended or distant family in the U.S.

Old Classmates

See what happened to old classmates and where they are now.


Locate extended or distant family in the U.S.

Military Buddies

Lost contact with military friends? Learn how to touch base with a search.

Colleagues & Associates

Curious about your coworkers? We can give you a clearer picture.

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Find everything there is to know about millions of people in the U.S.


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With, users have access to billions of records. These include most adults in the United States. Our database draws from public records to provide you with in-depth information. We streamline an otherwise time-consuming process. Don’t waste time at a county courthouse or library going through old documents. Let do the work for you!

Current and Previous Addresses

Need to find an address for someone? Curious about where they’ve been? We can help.

Phone Numbers

Receiving calls from a number you don’t know? Look it up with our search feature.

Relatives and Associates

Has a lost relative tried to reconnect? See what they’ve been up to.

Business Associations

Get the low-down on potential business partners.

Census Records

Access government data to know more about your region.

Unclaimed Money and Property

There could be a fortune out there with your name on it.

Background Information

The quickest and easiest way to research basic background info.

Criminal Records

Worried about a potential criminal record? Find out about felonies and more.

Marriage and Divorce Records

Back on the dating scene? Look through marriage and divorce records first.

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